Nigeria: 15 children raped in Gombe, says Child Protection Network

Wednesday 22 February 2012

The Child Protection Network (CPN) says more than 15 children have been raped between January and Februrary in Gombe State.

George Omon AikharialeaGeorge Omon Aikharialea: Dats sexual asult of d higher order. Dose pple should b centence 2 lif prison 4 such act.

Samuel Ayaka JohnSamuel Ayaka John: May God help us.

Akerobo Benjamin AkeroboAkerobo Benjamin Akerobo: na wa o.., it only GOD tht can save nw? Nigeria need prayer pls.., pls joint m pray my bros & sis..

Simon Osaiwe-Snow ImongirieSimon Osaiwe-Snow Imongirie: I tire o! Bros dis country needs Serious Fastin & Prayer o!

Ibegi Ayibanimioro JoelIbegi Ayibanimioro Joel: Sorry, is it not permited in thier cave religion, even thier so mohammed too did it.let them bear it untill they have to realize , the slavery they are into, no court will sentence them, because the sharia is thier as their quide.

Akinola TundeAkinola Tunde: joel,u must be stupid,idiot of u

Naf WazNaf Waz: Joel, must of d rapes happened in churches as it is well known throughout d world dat pastors rape children both boys n girls

Brisca Dabang MosesBrisca Dabang Moses: The truth about all dis stupid & shamful tins is prayas bcos de world hav com 2 an end.

Muhammad KabeerMuhammad Kabeer: joel, idont know dt u ar bastard, ignorance u dont know what will even come out from ur mouth u should seek an appology nd remove dt post

Aliyu IdrisAliyu Idris: u are stupid

Oj Harbeodun Shewn TankGodOj Harbeodun Shewn TankGod: Jeol u better stop dt stupid comment

Umar FarouqUmar Farouq: joel,u r so stupit

Mansur Bala Yakubu ShinkafiMansur Bala Yakubu Shinkafi: Thank u very much Nafisa replying this stupid idiot who dosnt want live peace and family, begger mastiyaci

Ibrahim ZarumaiIbrahim Zarumai: @ ibegi if i call u a donkey,i ve placed respect on u a low livin beast,any i ll com 4 u,asshole

Baba AbbaBaba Abba: Ibegi or whatever your name is, i dont blame you because i'm very sure you were born out of wedluck because thats how 99.9% of you infidels come into this world. That is why you think with your anus rather than your head for making such stupid comments. Fool

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Oderinde SegunOderinde Segun: Hay! Where r we goin in dis country?, rapists again, God pls na your hand our pikin de o.

Hannah Inem EjebilagboHannah Inem Ejebilagbo: God pls save us from the evil ones.

Bashir Mustapha AdamBashir Mustapha Adam: May Allah guide us against such evil act.

Nathaniel NwabamNathaniel Nwabam: Rape is a mark of insanity. It should be treated with seriousness on the judiciary. Although our judiciary is a mess for the people to rely on in seeking redress.

Uchenna OkekeUchenna Okeke: Wat a wicked world GOD save us.

Ahmed DigbaAhmed Digba: Ibegi Ayibanimioro Joel or what did u call your self, why are such a fool. Is that what supposed to come out from your mouth...

Awwal JusticeAwwal Justice: @Ibegi A.Joe, u looked matured but reason faculty is warned belonged to an illiterate society.the woman talks about rape, which affects both side, she made a reasonable sugestion that we both go and pray in the churchs and mosques for God intervention.but foolish as you are, said mohammad did the same, your type are those causing war in the country.may God deliever you.

Shettima Bukar AjiShettima Bukar Aji: subhanallah......

May God help us in this country.

Chinenye EzehChinenye Ezeh: Signs of end time.

Mohammed Maiwada GogaMohammed Maiwada Goga: @ibegi u just cursed Holx Prophet to put d lives of xtian in danger nd your own.

Sony ZachsSony Zachs: Our God is a living and able. therefore he dont need any assistance from a mortal nan like u malam. He will fight u on our behalf. do u want to try him?

Adamu Muhammad MusaAdamu Muhammad Musa: We dont understand your expression, What do u mean? If u joint joel, let us know so we will take an action on you too

Ugochukwu OgbuakuUgochukwu Ogbuaku: Adamu Muhammad Musa. Are you a terrorist? Anyways, u don't have to respond violently to ωнαт people say on this forum. U may also be endangering ur own life too. Cos u don't know who knows u, or when these threats to life will be used against u. Its called wisdom. Simply advise him to stop insulting...

Mohammed Maiwada GogaMohammed Maiwada Goga: @ u beta delete this your stupid nd appologize at once before any action is taking.

Jabir BelloJabir Bello: The Editor-General of Vaguard news company should be if not an 'acceralator' or publishing people's which can course chaos in the society, I believe as an independent company your ethics those warrant accepting any kind insult or defamation to any individual nor religious nor else!

Olaleye Oladipupo SamOlaleye Oladipupo Sam: Ehhh.....this is amazing! GEJ....which one will u face 1st now.....BH? Rape on Campuses? Rape of Children? Rape of old women? these are signs of the last days....evil things have filled the earth.

Osatogbe Shola Oyinmiebi DavidOsatogbe Shola Oyinmiebi David: D ANSWER IS Benson & Hedges(i.e BH)

Osatogbe Shola Oyinmiebi DavidOsatogbe Shola Oyinmiebi David: D ANSWER IS Benson & Hedges(i.e BH)

Brisca Dabang MosesBrisca Dabang Moses: My pipul dnt alow anybody 2 desiv u of havin sex wit 2year old girl & u‘ll be rich, imagine if it wil be your own daughter hw wil u fil?

Benjamin TukturBenjamin Tuktur: O lord! Tke absoluye control.

Michael OkenwaMichael Okenwa: I ve said it severally dat Islame is a barbaric religion which needs to be dissolved, u hardly hear dat dis kind of shit hapens in both d East nd South of dis country bt in d Northern part of d country Rape seems to be d order of day. We needs God's intervention.

Bartholomew ReaxinBartholomew Reaxin: joel u are right, nafisat u are so stupid, d origin of raped cam frm islam, right frm mohammed tim.

Hassan UmazayiHassan Umazayi: @joel u are madman, if u dnt knw hw to make comment better keep off b/4 u cus any problem. And@ micheal it happen worst in east, south then north. May allah help us amin.

Idoko RashidIdoko Rashid: Ibegi is ocultic man, so don't join his issue with christian. All he want is blood.

Tijani Rahaman ObansolaTijani Rahaman Obansola: joel in fact u ar animan u abuse prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him).

Yohanna SheyinYohanna Sheyin: My bro joel, it is very wrong of u. We should use this medium to bring to this Nation and not to scatter.

Abdulrahman DaudaAbdulrahman Dauda: @Ibegiu u r very stupid 4 wat u said. Your days r numbered by God grace...fool.

Folorunso Oludayo FasinaFolorunso Oludayo Fasina: And what an advise; to pray in mosques and churches. So what will those prayers do? Arrest the culprit. We keep deceiving ourselves.

Gbise Daniel SudanGbise Daniel Sudan: too bad sir,since u left things have not really change ova here much.

Ekene MbaeriEkene Mbaeri: is dis not d signs of end time? Imagine 2 yr 6yr 9yr and 14yr old girls were rape wonders shall never end.

A-k MakarfiA-k Makarfi: ibegi...if I will see you , u should have use your dirty life to pay............girty fool.

Kamal Tasi'uKamal Tasi'u: Only those that are illiterate post something without thinking about it. Someone like Joel is having prophet and he must bear the consequencies.

Adhedhejhi NkrumahAdhedhejhi Nkrumah: Joel u are not to say that's muhammed did it our only prophet do not do any chidis play.he always think of god even he is a phylosopher. So pls do research before saying any thing.

Kamal Tasi'uKamal Tasi'u: Only those that are illiterate post something without thinking about it. Joel must be crazy and he must bear the consequences.

Ojezua Ehinomen EnduranceOjezua Ehinomen Endurance: al dis re significant of end tym, mak una repent.

Hassan ZanginaHassan Zangina: @joel. B careful mahn.

Musa Dan-azumi MuhammadMusa Dan-azumi Muhammad: Well we hv bunch of ragamuffins hu cnt tell dier Ass frm dier Elbows...w@ of d Nigerian Pastor hu ws cot in London for Rapin a 16Yr old gurl? Ah bet u DUMB asses didn't c dat one ryt? Msttttwwwww!

Isaiah DechiIsaiah Dechi: God save us from those rapist. Our children life is at stake. Comenter, u all should learn hw to post comment pls.