No foreign trained doctor will practise in Nigeria from October

Saturday 14 July 2012

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) recently declared that no foreign trained doctor will be allowed to practise in Nigeria from October, 2012 except showing evidence that he or she could have practised in the country of study.

Elijah AfensimiElijah Afensimi: Good one

Ibenagum AnthonyIbenagum Anthony: what baffles me is that this so call doctors will always lack facilities when it comes to comes to difficult mather. Look at their mouths.

Emmanuel Chukwudi UgwuEmmanuel Chukwudi Ugwu: Assesment Examination my Foot! With what equipment? Everybody is just issuing order and law from hisher little enclave;)

Austine Abuchi JohnsonAustine Abuchi Johnson: That's a very good one.

Orly MonyeOrly Monye: Nice move 2curtail quacks.

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Benjamin BonifaceBenjamin Boniface: Its a good development.

Ogbonnaya Daniel YoungOgbonnaya Daniel Young: Very good idea but let it not be politically, ethnically motivated.

Omenuko Chibuike OmenmojiOmenuko Chibuike Omenmoji: dis is wat dey called arrant non-sense n by dey way who even told dem dat foreign trained Doc will like to practise in Nigeria,instead of dem to say dat dey will be writing board exam b4 dey practising in Nigeria

Miracle UdenkwereMiracle Udenkwere: una wey dey sick, make una ready to dey die. Senseless people. Who come teach d ones wey dey learn for nigeria. D people wey put d bill no dey medical attend for 9ja oh.

Okeh Isaac MmaduabuchiOkeh Isaac Mmaduabuchi: That's good. At least to stop foreign trained tauts or even 'rejects' who address themselves as doctors from intimidating our local experts in the name of being an oversea trained. Some of those country's educational institutions are not better than ours afterall. They are better called abattoir where butchers are trained in the name of doctors.

Lawal MarshallLawal Marshall: seems u have hearing prob or ur sight is bad,d mdcn is saying u av to show evidence that u can practise in ur trained. country before u can b accepted here.u re not well informed

Odusola OladoyinOdusola Oladoyin: @ okeh isaac....the best Nigerian university is ranked about 6,000 in the many universities can the Nigerian ones claim to be better than?

Saheed SalauSaheed Salau: Dis is a gud idea bt those of against it,why can't u stay there n work if u think u ar dat gud. beta b a part of d new dawns around dan castigatin ur own persons

Hussaini Odekina MeyangaHussaini Odekina Meyanga: come Isaac, don't let anyone decieve you, the standard obtained in Nigeria is not qualified to treat even a mosquitoe, so, if you have the opportunity of flying abroad, don't even think of dullin urself ok.

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Ebinum Christopher KessEbinum Christopher Kess: U be medical doc or juju priest en abeg no dey advertise for here again

Augustine Sam MutaAugustine Sam Muta: My broda abeg help me telam

Benjamin ChikenduBenjamin Chikendu: It is a welcome development, but...hmmmm.

Olukayode BabajideOlukayode Babajide: I love dat.It is a gud step in a gud direction.

Odogun EmmaOdogun Emma: Good development and Nigerians who school abroad for this purpose be made to face same exams by so doing there will be sanity in the health sector.

Darlington KasamDarlington Kasam: U mean u allow foreign quakes to use us as hospital specimens ko?

Binhafiz KwachiriBinhafiz Kwachiri: Oh Allah, with which apparatus willyou asses them, where pple are dieying bcos of prescription card.see your eyes currupt!

Abdul-lateef Olatunji OlabimtanAbdul-lateef Olatunji Olabimtan: Try to be reasonable not every body that study foreign country are better than we nigeria, is for our own goods is just a way of eradicating quarke doctors in our country.

Nuhu SaniNuhu Sani: Nigeria! Funny things we hear everday. Who dares compare a foreign trained doctor and d Nigerian Quaks? Wht facilties do we hav to train doctors in Nigeria? Even cadavas dt are found in their hundred on d streets in Nigeria are nt enof for the one-thousand classroom size Nigerian medical schools. I guess they should resolve the crises in d health sector in Nigeria before dey start charging d qualified and already trained Foreign doctors. The health system had been bad because of the administrative activities of Nigerian doctors in the hospitals and federal ministry oh health. Imagine that, in Nigeria, a doctor MUST be minister of health, the medical director and chief medical director and even head other departments within d same hospital where dey are NOT qualified to head lik the labs and a nursing services. I see a Nigerian doctor as one who needs the examination everyday because dey even need to knw dey are there to save lives and cut down on their extravagant demands from government and unimportant strikes that had led to many deaths. Those set of people are the destroyers of the Nigerian health system, if u think I'm lying, go find out the state of things in a Nigerian hospitals and see the state of disharmony among health professional instituted by doctors and all against the innocent and sick patient.

Joseph KanuJoseph Kanu: They should be insane for baning foreign trained medical doctors


Osamuyi OkpameOsamuyi Okpame: Although the caption was provocative, but the explanations are fair enough...maybe it's time they return the favour because that's just the same conditions people are subjected to if they want to practice abroad too. you must take their exams again.

Benedict O SundayBenedict O Sunday: Good 1, so long as it is made wt gud intension.

Azi CorneliusAzi Cornelius: The better reason is that medicin is regional! We practice tropical medicine. The pathogenicity of diseases here is nt d same in America, hence, the need for the qualifying exam! Even d textbooks we use here are particularly written and tagged 'tropical'. It should neva be viewed as political! Also while America Univs are always in a hurry to bundle out African medical students 4rm their Univs within 4yrs, we spend 8years here with d daily postings! We hav d brain, the only thing we lack is equipments!

Uchechukwu MkpumaUchechukwu Mkpuma: Azi daalu! U just said the truth. Aluta continua....victora asata. D great EMSITE!

Imma JiImma Ji: Honestly, I wud prefer 2b treated by them. Check out education sector n u'll not agree less!

Unyime NdohUnyime Ndoh: omenmoji, who said foreign trainned docs don't want to practice in nigeria? These ones inducted r they not foreign? My broda this is a very good step by mdcn. We don't need docs that can treat cystic fibrosis but lack knowledge of treatment of malaria and meningitis. Sorry, pass our exams before u treat us simple! Kudos to mdcn.

Edidiong InyangEdidiong Inyang: you are talking shit.what is malaria that you guys always talk about?is as if signs and symptoms of malaria is only taught in Nigeria..Even people without medical knowledge know when somebody has malaria.

Edidiong InyangEdidiong Inyang: i am really sick and tired of hearing this shit...passing that exams is nothing..

Edidiong InyangEdidiong Inyang: if you read it is very well they need to know that a foreign trained doctor could have work in that country but choose to work in Nigeria. About this " if someone is trained in somalia or mozambic or even yemen, is d person not a foreign trained? Bcos oyibo is xpose to modern facilities he is authomatically qualified to practice in nigeria." foreign graduate have been taking that exams since the yrs of is not today that they introduced that

Edidiong InyangEdidiong Inyang: What they are saying as i understood it is that they don't believe that having a knowledge to pass their exams is not enough to practice there.they are looking down at their exams. bcos if their exams is up to standard then anybody that passes it can practice without problems.enough of ur malaria thing. meningitis is everywhere.if a doctor is good he/she should be able to treat all diseases and not tropical or foreign diseases.

Fashuà K RichardFashuà K Richard: then none of those pot bellied politicians should be allowed to travel out for medical attention!

Ibe SimonIbe Simon: Another development again.

Nicholas OmokoNicholas Omoko: Gud talk. Cos some may be TORONTO results.

Ile WisdomIle Wisdom: Seriously something is wrong with this present admistration.

Ika SpeaksIka Speaks: Welcome idea! That is what is obtainable in most countries.

Bern Amazu-Ogueri Jr.Bern Amazu-Ogueri Jr.: Very good move. Anyone can come from anywhere and present a certificate. In addition to that, enquiries should be made from the acclaimed institution. Kudos.

Ika SpeaksIka Speaks: That is a good idea! They must be tested before employment.

Onuwaje TajhOnuwaje Tajh: its a welcomed development ,my indian friends who were trained in other countries on return to india are maid to go through another very tough process of re examination,before they are allowee to practice in their country ,the medical practice is not for jokers,here in the ukraine i see Nigerians studying medicine who are unserious and would want to practice pls its welcomed it will help reduce quacks in the field.

Sunday EkojaSunday Ekoja: This is commendable. It will go along way in checking torontoism.

Ondotimi Tunyei MiebiOndotimi Tunyei Miebi: This is rubbish jor.....the foreign trained doctors are far better than most of our quacks here who normally forget scissors and other equipments inside patients stomach after operating on them. Majority of sick and accident victims that have died wouldn't have died if they are in foreign countries. In our institutions we all know that students bribe lecturers t☺ pass their courses, can Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ try than in foreign countries? I abroad before they give Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ license Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ must have truly passed Ųя courses.....but here, if Y☺u have money or Ųя father is a senator, commissioner, etc.....its just a phone call.....let's not deceive our selves here, majority of the foreign doctors are far better than our quacks. I'm sure the will pass the exams Y☺u will set f☺r them with flying colours!

Abiodun OjedoyinAbiodun Ojedoyin: This is a welcome development considering what we have experience with them so far

Obinna IhemeduObinna Ihemedu: This is a welcome development. De system in some of these countries are not de same as ours, and they come back and are integrated into our system just lyk dat. When we leave de country, we write evaluating and qualifying exams before we can practice.

Tony AJTony AJ: As long as na just exam.. No wahala now. No be write pass be d thing.

Akinsola OgunbowaleAkinsola Ogunbowale: Pathetic situation in that country. If a senior doctor can't manage DVT in Nigeria. A friend of mine develop DVT and for her management she has to contact another doctor's friend in UK. It shows good training and knowledge in our beloved Nigeria?

Muazu WaliMuazu Wali: It is a good idea, unfortunately someone somewhere may bend the rules. Muazu H. Wali

Ubadi OsitaUbadi Osita: Oga registrar that's a very wondaful idea.I salute u sir.

Friday AnthonyFriday Anthony: Vanguard and their quack journalism; the headline quite different from d write up and very misleading#mtcheew.

Sunday GodwinSunday Godwin: probably,a costly mistake,its unusual of them,hw r u overthere?

Sunday GodwinSunday Godwin: probably,a costly mistake,its unusual of them,hw r u overthere?

Adeniyi Aderemi OyeniyiAdeniyi Aderemi Oyeniyi: Welcm devlpmnt

Tijani RasheedatTijani Rasheedat: Really

Tijani RasheedatTijani Rasheedat: Really

Tijani RasheedatTijani Rasheedat: Really

Tijani RasheedatTijani Rasheedat: We're improving gradually.

Tijani RasheedatTijani Rasheedat: We're improving gradually.

Unyime NdohUnyime Ndoh: if someone is trained in somalia or mozambic or even yemen, is d person not a foreign trained? Bcos oyibo is xpose to modern facilities he is authomatically qualified to practice in nigeria. Hw many malarial cases do they see in their countries? Hw many choleral, marrasmic, meningitic cases do they see in their country? Nigeria is a soverign country we don't accept everything we see. Nigerian train docs r not quacks.

Tochukwu Delzy OkaforTochukwu Delzy Okafor: Are u a fool?see what ure saying,that foreign education is not better than home-based education in nigeria,its far better,my friend,I'm studying medicine in russia,and when I'm through,I'll be bk to naija to write whatever test,and start work,better than using ur brain than computer,we are in the computer,we are in the computer/jet age,so upgrade urself@Lydia

Mailafiya AbdullahiMailafiya Abdullahi: Politicians, Leaders, traditional rulers e.t.c should not be allowed for foreing medical trips.

Uba SalisuUba Salisu: Thats,right my brth.

Obiuwevbi SandraObiuwevbi Sandra: Im greatly impressed wit this development

Sam AkpanSam Akpan: my guys dnt panic mdcn doesn't hate foreign practice, but need 2 learn tropical practice else de wl sufer dysused atrophy as dos facilities ar not hia.

Nana MamuduNana Mamudu: I see the point and totally agree..they seek to protect from without..who will protect from within though?

Okpegwa AustineOkpegwa Austine: Good policy! Dat ll help check d quality of doz actualy cal we dnt misuse dat name.

Amirah SanniAmirah Sanni: The article simply says you need to have had your internship before practicing in Nigeria. That itself may not be a problem but the reason given. Someone who studied in Eirope might need to become familiar wv tropical medicine for example and best period to get that would have been as a house officer consideribg also that there is a conversion course students from other countries take before being allowed into the Nigerian medical coincil

Amos EmmanuelAmos Emmanuel: No this is not possible guys . For what?

Oluwamuyiwa 'Lulu' OlaoluwaOluwamuyiwa 'Lulu' Olaoluwa: lol.......see beef!!

Oluwamuyiwa 'Lulu' OlaoluwaOluwamuyiwa 'Lulu' Olaoluwa: lol.......see beef!!

Oluwamuyiwa 'Lulu' OlaoluwaOluwamuyiwa 'Lulu' Olaoluwa: lol.......see beef!!

Olaniyan OlabodeOlaniyan Olabode: dis guys r saying wot is normally done bcos on a gud day any foreign doctor in any country has to write series of exams bfore dey can b recommended to practice over there but dis MDCN thing we dnt know wat dey hav underneath there sayings and what dey are even asking for is very hard to get except you have done internship in the country where u are coming from of which u do internship in the country where u want to pratice.

Suleiman MohdSuleiman Mohd: Then what is the essence of the MDCN exam? Just another way to frustrate guys. The exam should have solved that not a paper that we all knew can be cooked, why fo God sake. By getting the foreign degree is quite clear you are registered or eeligible to practice there, is not different from your colliques who are citezens of that country and are employed to work there.