Nigeria: Vigilante Group submits proposal to FG

Monday 02 July 2012

ABUJA—As part of its contribution towards addressing the insecurity confronting the country, vigilante group of Nigeria, VGN, has submitted a security proposal to the Presidency.Category News

Chisom IkpaChisom Ikpa: U go fear nw.

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Paul Hency NegeduPaul Hency Negedu: This therefore mean that the nigeria police has completely lost her reputation.But members of this group must completely be scrutinized so as to avert any ineptitude.This country is really becoming a failed state.


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Umar YahayaUmar Yahaya: Vigilante group is a normal thing dude. U guys are very good in criticing police but make no any effort towards eradicating the current security challenge. No be your mates dey join police and army in order to contribute dere own quota?

Aghogho Edwin DavidAghogho Edwin David: It's obvious that this administration is all about security it's now the turn of VGN. Prophet D.A.SAMUEL have said it years ago.GOD help us.

Oluwaphy Heeyi SharyoOluwaphy Heeyi Sharyo: Let the FG give the proposal ǻ look into i† might be the Solution who knows.