Nigeria: Edo poll: Anenih warns against violence

Sunday 10 June 2012

Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih, has sounded a note of caution to youths in Edo State against allowing themselves to be used by desperate politicians to cause violence during the July 14 governorship election. Category News

Obakhume Pasha YaclefObakhume Pasha Yaclef: Bunch of thieves! Imagine the devil himself, Anini (the father of kleptocrats) preaching peace. A person known for his ''do or die'' political tactics. Funny enough is Roland Owie a rusty politician, singing religious songs at the rally ground. The truth is that, with the visible developmental strides of Oshomhole, if he does'nt enbark on new projects, provided he finishes with the projects that are ongoing, I would still score him (Oshiobaba) high than both past and future pdp administrations in Edo state. NOTE: NEXT PDP(people destroy people)'S ADMINISTRATION WILL BE ''AIRIAVBERE'' meaning: ANOTHER WORLD.

Ifylux ChrisIfylux Chris: Speachless

Akioya M EromonseleAkioya M Eromonsele: THIEFS!


Moses OnyegbunwaMoses Onyegbunwa: All dis old cargo should stay clear....Oshobaba cari Go.....

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Etinosa Hope OsagieEtinosa Hope Osagie: 4rm d microscopic view we knw who d nxt gov is.

Sunny MobuogwuSunny Mobuogwu: Pls keep to your words, the godfather of politics.sorry for edo people if they again fall to pdp, them go surfer no be curse.

Sadiq AZ-ZuhrySadiq AZ-Zuhry: Anenih? Imagine:If Mussolini! Hitler! Osama Bin Ladan(american version)! Charles Taylor! P.W Botha! Are now preaching to the World about peace.then we are in trouble.

Stephen Streetwise OsarenkhoeStephen Streetwise Osarenkhoe: wen an old blind man is talkin respect him, bt wen he start speakin lik a child disregard him....i prefa to cal u anini...apart frm u, no oda person can answer dat name again because u ve corrupted d name...perpetrators of evil is lip servicin out advice.

Edward MichaelsEdward Michaels: Ha ha ha ha! 'I comment my reserve o'.

DaVinci Ugbe DavidDaVinci Ugbe David: bastards!

Ojezua Ehinomen EnduranceOjezua Ehinomen Endurance: convincin lies, hw can dey eradicate wat dey lyk doin best(ringin of election) We hav heard all dis b4, he should hav tlk more convincin, bcos we all knw ringin of election is pdp best hobby.OYI.

Desimeonx GcfrDesimeonx Gcfr: Hahahahaha, anenih u again, re u not tied of decievin d pple? If Pdp like let dem cum wit all d Pdp past Presidents, Govs, Senators, Chairmen, consellors to campign, Pdp is NOT goin anywre in Edo State.

Otunba Opeyemi OlatundeOtunba Opeyemi Olatunde: If it were to be in Ghana... Rawlingd wud not av speared Anineh in his historical political sanitation... Wish we can get someone like dat in nigeria...Papa deceive Pikin(PDP).

Uwaifo Joseph EdekiUwaifo Joseph Edeki: Imagine the grandfather of violence Anenih warning the youth to do away with political violence. The name sef get as e be.

Richard IdahogieRichard Idahogie: what's 'epa' talking about? We know the bad guys in Edo state politics & I hope this is not what he intend to do.Anyway, I don't know why others will not stay clear of government house for now. Oshiohmole, is the choosen one & he MUST be re-elected.

Edivri JosephEdivri Joseph: See who is talking of violent, nonsense pdp people are failure. ACN has already win.

Austine IbhafidonAustine Ibhafidon: Since we nw hav a new PDP pls let us d G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ pple of Edo state cast our VOTE 4 PDP.

Okeke Chika EdwinOkeke Chika Edwin: This is a case of 'pot calling cattle black'. Youths of Edo should not take this notorious criminal serious. They shold use every means possible to chase him out of edo permanently.

Gabriel AkhorGabriel Akhor: Anini.. Are u sure u are preaching genuine peace? Are u d chief security officer of Edo state or GEJ? Who told u there wil be adequate security. Don't be deceived. U cant use security men 2 intimidate voters. We don't need Ken Rice 2 win. Our victory is sure.

Okimiji SunnyOkimiji Sunny: I ave nothing to say nw, bt god day.

Lûçkí DêlêLûçkí Dêlê: 4rm my own take on these, any youth who engages his/her self on violence in the forthcomi ng election should knw that his/her future is doomed 4 ever!

Sunday Shina PetersSunday Shina Peters: We are waiting, let them come and disgrace themselves. All these Pack of thieves.

Sylvester UgbeniSylvester Ugbeni: My father, my father save Edo state on july 14 election oh God almighty be our guardan in Jesus name, Amen.