Nigeria: Robbers kill DPO, 5 policemen, 2 soldiers, 3 civilians

Tuesday 15 May 2012

THE Ughelli-Asaba expressway in Delta State was turned to a no-go-area, yesterday, as armed robbers massacred the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in-charge of Abraka Police Station, Abraka, Ethiope-East Local Government Area of the state, five other policemen, two soldiers and three civilians.Category News

Chris BarnabasChris Barnabas: Am appealing to NIGERIA government, to introduce life insurance scheme to d security operatives to encourage them and also bring more hope to their families whenever such incident occure. D most reaoson american securities are sacrisfying for their contry is becouse of speacial caring by d govt. Pls our beloved leaders do something about it.

Baju Dawa IbrahimBaju Dawa Ibrahim: Let pray dat God wll touch d gov't 2 do that.

Patience ChukwuodiiPatience Chukwuodii: this is serious!

Unanka HenryUnanka Henry: God! People are been killed every blessed day. Bandits, bandits u are mortal enemy. You guys must meet your waterloo.

Adekunle OgunbadewaAdekunle Ogunbadewa: may God continue to help d security agent.its not easy.

Alex TommyAlex Tommy: u are right my brother, it is only God dat can help dis situation

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Nuhu AbubakarNuhu Abubakar: He who live by the gun must surely die the gun. The Guilty one must nt go unpunished.

Okoh PaulOkoh Paul: what is all dis problems, today Bokoharam 2moro Robbers next 2moro MASSOB, militant and other miscreant all attacked on security men and always over power them what is d federal govt.doin with d oil money that they cannot purchase suphiscated weapons for d police as they are bcomin d main target.Jonathan whom are U waiting 4 to solve dis problems don't allow people to sound your incompetency pls wake up pray and act people are watchin U and also waiting 4U.

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Anayeokwu Maxwell IfeanyiAnayeokwu Maxwell Ifeanyi: Where is Nigeria heading to? Security agents being killed everytime? Pls Nigerian govt equip d seecurity officers.

Mohammed SulaimanMohammed Sulaiman: may god protect our life and propertyp.

Nwabueze Francis OgomegbunemNwabueze Francis Ogomegbunem: Good work ibuzor community police. R.I.P Danladi.

Maina WaziriMaina Waziri: Who can tell me d diff. B/w these set of people and BH. I pity our security agent!

Adesanya YemiAdesanya Yemi: May the soul of the DPO, ASP and others that were involde rest in peace an as for the robbers u shall all die if u don't repent.

Kufre EdetKufre Edet: God, save nig. Frm this mess. it has gone to uncontrolable point.

Ameh MusaAmeh Musa: chris tanks 4 dat comment, is wat nigeria police nid.

Joseph EnecheJoseph Eneche: It is disheartning to watch your citizens being killed and you insist that you must ruled. Which kind of leaders do we have? God is watching.

Amos JohnAmos John: na wao, na so dis life b? may de'r soul rest in perfect peace.

Tochi EgejuruTochi Egejuru: I weep with the families of the victims! God is in control...

Osuchukwu EkitiOsuchukwu Ekiti: Why are they killing innocent police men that are serving their nation, God save us .

Thomas AnietieThomas Anietie: With all this happening, there is need for state of emergency in the security sector, arm proliferation in on the increase especially now that our road are free for hoodlums to move from one place to another....the IG should go back to "fire for fire" security policy, that is what the country need now!

Emmanuel OkohEmmanuel Okoh: Not so good, policemen killed, soldiers killed, civillians killed, I feel so much pity for the innocent civilians, i feel for them, as for the police, I don't really care because you people kill a lot of innocent people each week so let em go to hell.

Igberi StephenIgberi Stephen: As I read dis piece am just tryin 2 picture hw d scene waz just turned a war zone yesday, Robbers should know dt attack on police and military is attack on d nations security, 2 d bereaved families take heart pls.

Monye CyrilMonye Cyril: Criminals have seen Delta state as a place 2 plunder b/c of d high level of corruption in govt & other sectors. Was it not in this state that an estwhile governor is serving a jail term in London 4 unprecedented corruption & looting of d state's treasury? There's money 4 employment scandal rocking d state's civil service. D state is highly polluted & conterminated. Kidnappers & all sort of criminals all over d country have found d state a safe heaven 2 carry out their nafarious activities. D state needs cleansing. D present administratn; that is premised on corruptn lack d nerves to stem d state of anomy that d state is sliding into.

Adam Mohammad KabirAdam Mohammad Kabir: Hnmnm! @Barnabas our country will not do that bcos of our selfishness, May God protect us 4m all evil....Ameen.

Ibrahim Qamardeen OyewaleIbrahim Qamardeen Oyewale: God help us in Nigeria, no one like 2 be an armrobber but as our leaders ar treating us make some pples start doin anytin dey can do in order to make money. May God let dem rest in peace.

Emmanuel Nnamdi AnthonyEmmanuel Nnamdi Anthony: It was really a theater of war yesterday in Ibusa. I was there live.

Emmanuel Nnamdi AnthonyEmmanuel Nnamdi Anthony: Two of the caught bandits were roasted like suya on the main road of ibusa. What an end.

Tessy DumebiTessy Dumebi: May there souls rest in peace amen.

Ikechukwu Joshiyke AnyasiIkechukwu Joshiyke Anyasi: A painful exit of the police hitman in Delta State....may your Soul and those who keeps going in the service to their fatherland rest in peace...

Real PearlReal Pearl: how are u, so nice to hear ur voice, i miss chatting with this handsome face, hope every thing is going well